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Cheapskate Vegas: A Vegas Podcast for Low Rollers

May 20, 2019

*The previous upload featured only my interview with Dave out of context. I accidentally uploaded only the interview file, not the full episode with intro, outro, and transitions. I apologize for the the additional download. Or maybe this was just a sneaky way to pad my numbers.

In this episode, I talk with Dave, aka MilesTalk, about his new site designed to help you find your next best travel credit card.

This episode features:

  • VFB Media LLC info
    One thing that I have been seeing a lot more of lately, which is worth considering if the timing is right, is pursuing bank bonuses to pad your points account:
  • It’s good to have separate accounts for different purposes, including travel
  • It’s good to have separate accounts in case of freezes due to fraud
  • Be mindful of account minimums and fees
  • Online banks work well, especially for travel, but not bonuses
  • Examine your accounts occasionally and shop around, even within the same system, so see if you’re eligible for any worthwhile products

I have had multiple people ask me recently about the best card around or what card they should get, because they’re interested in joining the P&M fray. “It depends” is typically my initial response, followed by questions related to their goals and spending. Dave’s site aims to help people navigate to a particular card or cards based on those very questions. I like Dave a lot and I’m happy to have him back on the show. I really don’t do ads on the show, I just like to promote tools and sites I think are useful in this niche. A couple notes here before we get into our chat:

  • I mention how I hate the phrase “best credit cards” to Dave, the founder of
  • At the beginning, we are discussing a post by Seth Miller - The Risk in Changing Rewards: Can Loyalty Thrive in the Dynamic Era? - Talking about, essentially that personal loyalty in a changing environment (
  • Is the change to a dynamic model hurting some and helping others?

I hope you enjoyed our discussion. I’ll likely have an episode soon about all the great tools out there to help you navigate the points and miles world efficiently, and this is certainly one to add to the repertoire.

For more from me, head to or for bonus stuff. Safe travels. Be good to each other.