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Cheapskate Vegas: A Vegas Podcast for Low Rollers

Jan 23, 2019

In this episode of the soon to be award winning podcast, I chat with Dave from Miles Talk about his experience at Atlantis, which he booked through Caesars.

The free Atlantis stay that is granted through having Platinum or Diamond status with Caesars Rewards is a benefit that is often promoted as valuable across the points and miles blogosphere. Yet, until I saw Dave's detailed article, I had never heard of anyone actually taking advantage of it.

In our discussion, Dave helps establish expectations for those considering taking the journey down to Atlantis on Caesars' dime. We cover room options, resort fees, food options, the casino experience, and more.

To read and see more about Dave's trip, here is the post that inspired the episode: Free Atlantis Stay via Total Rewards Diamond: What to Expect with Room Fees, Food Costs, and More

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